Jeffery Benzo once said that “nine out of 10times, you will fail. But ensure you celebrate that one time, and make the most of out it.”

Here are few lessons from the fail stories and success tales of the founders.

1.   Decide and act upon

Upgrad, a learning platform for higher education, was found by Mayank Kumar and Phalgun Kompalli. One lesson they wanted to put out to the world was “decide, act and move on.” Initially started by four mates, in 2015, upgrad has reached its heights. All the founding team members were from different experiences, but the thoughts were more debatable. That’s when the founders knew that each of has to plan out ideas and act upon them. If an idea fails or loses its importance, we will move on. That’s how upgrad was created. The idea may seem very small, But understanding the concept of planning and acting is essential.

Jeff Bezos

2.   Sell the best

When you want to build a pile of cash, it is easy to cheap your consumers, sell them what you would never buy. But only businesses who bring the focus to the consumers and not the pile of money grow long. Luke Holden, the founder of the seafood chain, passes out this message during his interview. He states that consumers should be the prime focus of any company. If the consumer is happy, they will come back and shop again and again. Sometimes, when the business starts to grow, they compromise with the quality, regardless of what the consumer may need. There are even cases where customers feedback is not considered. These businesses may eventually lose their hold.

work on the growth

3.   How to work on the growth?

Growing businesses and artists have one idea in common. If they want to reach the highest, they need to improvise. Sarah Saltzberg, Founder of Bohemia Realty Group, States that making important decisions is a risky factor. But over the long run, these decisions will bring growth in the picture. These may be the bold decisions of one life, but maybe it is all worth risking. She was an artist and believed her experience as an artist in threat gave her an edge when she owned a real state company. Artists and business people change their looks with changing audiences. They will change with trends, but it is essential to decide which change is worth risk-taking.

stress alert

4.   Know the stress alert

Artem Mashkov, the founder of DevTribe and many businesses around new york city, has noticed the stress alerts. He says that stress is a common mistake that entrepreneurs make. One needs to know when to stop. He says, When he was 20, “stress almost killed him. This was not because something was wrong with his business, but everything was way too good, Which seems slightly different. It was internal and challenging to deal with. But then he went to a complete Zen mode. He started working on his fitness. .”

To conclude, Learn the growth factors from the top founder’s mistakes and build on your business.

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