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5 stories of the business that inspired the business of the top 5 businesses man. Read them all.

1.   Elon Musk

The richest man in The world has changed the faces of the business world. But it is essential to start from the start. Elon muck brought the world closer to making easy payments. He gave the world Paypal. He provided the masses the digital payment, and now he has offered them the moon. Apart from this, The man of the year has contributed to a new approach to engineering. He also gave a significant share to Research and development.  More than that, Elon musk is the business leader.

Melanie Perkins

2.   Melanie Perkins

From the world where we spend hours designing on photoshop and Microsoft, Melanie Perkins came up with the idea of the canva. The founder of the global designing platform, Canva, is used worldwide. The youngest female CEO, the Australian tech entrepreneur, is leading the world now. She predicted the future and created the user-friendly. She set the mark for the future of design. The woman has added more and more badges to her achievement since the beginning.

3.   Boyan Slat

The founder of Ocean cleanup proves to the world that money is not everything. A 26-year-old is responsible for cleaning up the ocean. His company has educated masses all over the globe about clean oceans. Since birth, the founder was always fond of the invention and built the idea of Ocean cleanup from his own experience. He discovered more plastic in the water body than fishes while diving in Greece at 16. While he was 17, he shared the idea with the world on TEDx. The company has cleaned up more than 90% of the discovered oceans and still working on the same.

Whitney Wolfe Herd

4.   Whitney Wolfe Herd

The woman who changed the face of dating in today’s world is known as Whitney Wolfe. She is the founder and creator of the idea of bumble. Whiney Wolfe launched the app in 2014, which empowers women in the dating scenarios in the 21st century. Ending the battle of pickup lines and the cringe of males dominating application, the power of dating landed in the hands of women. She created an application where women can play their first move. Her unique approach to the dating world has brought an individual stand. She is known as the few female entrepreneurs who changed the game of the tech game.

5.   Reshma Saujani

Reshma saujani has set a new example for the business world. She entered the world of programming and closed the gender gap. She changed the image of what a girl can contribute to the tech world. She launched the Girls who code in the year 2012. She encouraged women all over the globe to take a career in engineering. She also worked on the participation of women in the computer science industry. The seven-week program immersion and a two-week specialized campus program have promoted women all over the world.

What will your success story be?