Tuckrbox is a farm-to-lunchbox delivery app for school-aged kids. Tuckrbox was the winner of the first App Idea Awards. 


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An excerpt from an interview with Founder Meghan Carreau. 

What was your favorite food growing up?

That’s an awesome question. My mom was a chef and baker, so she was an amazing home cook. She made a lot of Italian food. But then I found out I was Gluten allergic…which is actually partially how I came up with the idea for TuckrBox. But my favorite was Chicken Parmesan. It was one of the first words I could say too. (laughs)

Would you have your mom’s amazing Italian food for lunch at school, too? 

So, my dad took over making school lunch at some point because my mom had breakfast and dinner duty…so she told him that he needed to take over for one meal. I remember that he had an assembly line set up every morning. Rows of bread, peanut butter and jelly, or ham and cheese sandwiches. We would also get an apple, or fruit snacks too.

What is your favorite food now?

I would still say that Chicken Parmesan is up there…I’ve found two places in the city that do a gluten-free version. But…I also love pizza. I mostly eat really healthy food though. It’s funny, I’ve gotten different types of salads completely down. It’s fun to come up with something new. I have a new thing that’s a zoodle maker…have you seen those?


You take Zucchini and you put it in this thing and it spins it into Pasta. It’s really, really good…

So how did you come up with the idea for TuckrBox?

So I was sitting on the bus, coming back from Fourth of July (2015). I was thinking so much about how difficult my journey has been to feeding myself well and understanding different types of vegetables and foods. When I first moved to New York City, I remember I was walking through a nice grocery store and I thought to myself, I don't actually know what all these vegetables are. And I was thinking about all of that and how there’s no food education for kids, specifically because there’s nothing fun and engaging.

I’ve worked with kids in summer camps and growing up, I was always working with kids so I realized that they’re so impressionable. Kids are on technology more than ever, so why does this sort of thing not exist. I probably thought about that entire business on that bus ride.

Other than the grand prize, getting the TuckrBox app built, what have you gotten out of participating in the App Idea Awards?

I got a lot of great connections, even with some of the other contestants. And that was just a really cool experience talking with them and seeing other entrepreneurial struggles and successes. Since having won, I’m able to speak with confidence a little more about funding this thing and getting it off the ground since we have a lot of momentum right now, and we’re going into a crowd funding campaign. So I’m trying to take all of that and learn how to talk to myself and in emails to press.

So where are you now in the development process?

Right now, we are about to go into development phase. We’re moving from design phase into development phase. The ROKO team has basically all their wireframes for the back end, and it’s really really exciting. If I’m being truly honest, this phase comes for startups a little bit later. So you probably have a little bit of funding secured…maybe you’ve done a pre-seed round for friends and family – which is essentially what the Indiegogo is doing. But now I’m having to manage my team which is growing right now and also, manage this campaign as well as fundraising at the same time. And fundraising is a full time job. I’ve started to focus on the small victories.

What is success for you? Both short and long term? 

It might sound cheesy but for me, it’s not done until kids are eating like something healthy for luncheons. It doesn’t seem real until someone is eating the food. I want them to be able to learn full circle through technology and physical farm fresh food. That’s been the vision from day one. But I also think other successes, broader too, is learning how to be a leader right now. I’m 29, I have a background in advertising but now I’m full blown becoming a CEO which is crazy.  

Where is your App Idea trophy?

That’s an amazing question… (laugh) It’s actually in front the window in my bedroom.

So everyone outside can see it?



- Interviewed by H.B., ROKO Labs.