Gitr is a social drinking app that allows individuals to send redeemable drink coupons to family, friends and locals. 


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An excerpt from an interview with Founder, Stephen Wen.

How did you come across your app idea?

I worked in the Tech space for many years auditing the biggest tech companies in the healthcare industry. I was always interested in creating my own app. I also liked to drink and socialize so I created a social drinking app that allows anyone to cheers their family, friends as well as locals nearby! We created a universal drink coupon that can be redeemed for a drink at any participating venue. 

How long have you been working on the app?

We started our development in July 2015 and we have been working diligently getting the apps perfect. We prioritize quality over speed in our development.

Is this your main job, or something you do on the side?

This started off as something on the side, but now it is my main job. I love working for myself and enjoy all of the challenges that come my way.

What did you do for work/living before the app existed?

Before the app existed, I was an auditor at Deloitte. I audited largely accelerated public companies, government clients, private clients as well as start-ups. I had the best teams who taught me everything I know. After I gained all the experience, I wanted to use it to start my own company so that I can train and develop my own team.

What is your idea of success? At what point will you say, “Yeah, we did it!”?

Back then, success meant earning millions of dollars. Since starting my own company, I have learned to be humble while grateful for all the things that I had in my life. Today, if I could get people to cheers one another, meet up and have a great time, then we did our jobs and that is a success.

What has been a mistake you’ve made? And what did you learn from it?

The mistake that I’ve made was underestimating the level of work and effort it requires to develop an app from scratch, especially on all platforms. This has taught me to be patient because I understand that starting a new company takes time, dedication and effort.

What has been the most satisfying moment on working on your app so far?

The most satisfying moment on working on Gitr is watching the number of venues grow on our map. I remember when we started off with the first venue. Our team dreamed of what it would be like to have a couple venues within each neighborhood. Now, our dream is coming true and we are all very grateful for what this opportunity has brought all of us. There is so much that we want to do to improve NYC’s nightlife. It starts with one cheers at a time.


- Interviewed by Z.T., ROKO Labs.